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The Source

Santa Monica- 17 April 2014. In California we have a saying…..Surfing is the source! Here is the second commercial from Funkshot Inc in our Freedom Spirit series. Of course, the whole branding of Funkshot is based on the free-spirited surfer; everything from our wave orb logo to our corporate colour scheme. Our Freedom Spirit series goes to the heart of …

adminThe Source
Photograph Walmir Amèrico (c) 2014

The Fringe

Dublin 17 April 2014 Here are some more behind the scenes photographs taken by Funkshot photographer Walmir Amèrico from Tuesday’s filming with Michael Doyle. In the chair is Funkshot (Czech Republic) presenter Hanna Gravlikova getting a fringe. Photographer – Walmir Amèrico Make Up Artist – Lorraine Bourke Hair – Michael Doyle, Creative Director – Peter Mark.

adminThe Fringe

The Cutting Edge

Dublin – 17 April 2014. During the very successful filming of our new programme slot with Michael Doyle, Funkshot Documentary photographer Walmir Amèrico was on hand to capture the crew at work. Here is a selection of behind the scenes photographs taken by Walmir as Michael worked his magic on Sarah Kavanagh, Miss Kildare 2014.

adminThe Cutting Edge

Funk News

Dublin, April 16 2014. Funkshot Dublin is pleased to announce that yesterday Michael Doyle – Creative Director of Peter Mark completed filming the first episode of his new programme for FunkTV. Since its foundation in 1961, Peter Mark has grown into Ireland’s best known hairdressing brand and one of Europe’s most successful hair styling groups with 71 salons nationwide. Michael …

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Bleu est la couleur

Cannes, France – April 13 2014. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of George Braque who along with Picasso, was one of the founders of Cubism – there is an excellent exhibition running at the Centre d’Art La Malmaison in Cannes until April 27th. The exhibition highlights the relationship between the artist and many 20th century avant-garde writers …

adminBleu est la couleur
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A New York State of Mind

NY – April 11 2014 Around the corner from our office on 1st Av is a really great Sushi place called Hane’s. Periodically, we head there for a pow-wow n’ chow to mull over ideas with the creative team from FunkWorks. There is no shortage of talent here in NYC, and given the nature of our business it made absolute sense …

adminA New York State of Mind

New Appointment

FUNKSHOT INC. (New York) April 7 2014 Funkshot Inc. is pleased to announce that Sharon Steacy Hennessy has been appointed  Director of Creative Talent at our Dublin office. Sharon is the Co-owner / Director of Miss Ireland and has built a solid reputation with Starz – Ireland’s leading celebrity search competition. Sharon who has been co-producing the pilot programmes for …

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Printemps Funkshot

Funklook – Printemps 2014

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to pack away the winter coats and heavy gear. Always optimistic and anticipating a glorious summer (we hope) the Funklook returns. In line with this season’s concept Sprezzatura, today we are releasing our Printemps collection. If last season was dominated by Urban Exploration and the ruggedness of Venice Beach, California, this year we …

adminFunklook – Printemps 2014


During the Renaissance, Baldassare Castiglione, in his guide The Book of the Courtier, wrote about how an ideal courtier should have polymathic traits. Castiglione’s guide stressed the kind of attitude that should accompany the many talents of a polymath, an attitude he called “sprezzatura”. A courtier should have a detached, cool, nonchalant attitude, and speak well, sing, recite poetry, have proper bearing, …


Making the cover

(Dublin, April 3 2014) As readers of Funkshot Magazine will know, we take great pride in our daily cover – ensuring that it captures not just your attention but your imagination too. If you take a look at the gallery section on this website you will notice that our thematic photo shoots are of the highest quality and the locations …

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Funkshot Magazine – It’s Life, but not as you know it!

Inspiration comes from so many places, and now that we have over 5ooo daily subscribers to Funkshot Magazine – it’s time to say a little bit more about it. At Funkshot we take a global perspective in line with our mission To Inform – To Educate – To Stimulate. We want our magazine to be enjoyed everywhere by ensuring that …

adminFunkshot Magazine – It’s Life, but not as you know it!

Um Passista em Dublin by Walmir Américo

Funkshot Reporter Dublin is home to a thriving Brazilian community estimated to be something in the region of 35,000 nationals who are bringing their South American colour and creativity to the streets of the Irish capital. One of those colourful Brazilians is Diego Piaza known by his soubriquet Um Passita em Dublin. Here is a gallery of documentary photographs taken by …

adminUm Passista em Dublin by Walmir Américo


 Cafuné - Brazilian Portuguese – “The act of tenderly running one’s fingers through someone’s hair.” And so Spring has arrived and with it the opportunity for us to create a new episode in our signature Funkshot. photoshoots. This new photo shoot is provisionally entitled Cafuné and it’s going to be hot!   Labour is blossoming or dancing where The body is not bruised to …


Funkshot – A magazine like no other!

NY  (Tuesday 25 March) Funkshot Magazine is unique. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself. So, what makes Funkshot different to every other magazine you see on the shelf? Well, for a start Funkshot is published online – which means you can access it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Secondly, Funkshot is updated …

adminFunkshot – A magazine like no other!
Cherie Foley and Lisa Nolan

Miss Kildare 2014

Monday 24 March – Funkshot Magazine and FunkTV were invited to exclusively cover  this year’s Miss Kildare beauty pageant at the Celbridge Manor Hotel. For Stateside readers, Kildare county is adjacent to Dublin – Ireland’s capital city and is one of the most hotly contested heats in the Miss Ireland beauty pageant. This year’s champion, was Miss Sarah Kavanagh, with …

adminMiss Kildare 2014

Funkshot Covergirl

Have you got beauty, style and sophistication? Have you ever dreamed of making the cover of a magazine? Well, here’s your chance. Funkshot in conjunction with Sharon Steacy Hennessy (co-owner of Miss Ireland) are holding a competition to find the face of Ireland and the winner will appear on the cover of our fast growing magazine. We have selected a team …

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See It – Feel It – Funk It! – The New Funkshot Commercial

Well, it’s been in the making for the last couple of weeks – between filming, editing and re-editing. But at long last, the new Funkshot commercial is ready and today we released it! We have to admit, it’s a little bit cheeky, but then so is Funkshot! Thanks to all those who were involved in making it happen. Sharon, Jonathan, …

adminSee It – Feel It – Funk It! – The New Funkshot Commercial
funksurfer copy

iWave Campaign

As the days get longer, we start dreaming of summer and the beach. On Funkshot, we have a saying – ‘Surfing is the source!‘ and today we are releasing some of the test ads from our iWave campaign for summer 2014. Surfing is a hazardous sport and requires incredible discipline and fearlessness in the face of the elements. In life, …

adminiWave Campaign

St Patrick’s Day by Walmir Americo

Funkshot are pleased to introduce the very talented documentary photographer Walmir Americo. St Patrick’s Day by Walmir Americo (c) 2014 – All Rights Reserved.

adminSt Patrick’s Day by Walmir Americo

Parade Footage from FUNKTV

Here’s some footage from this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin. It’s a little bit jumpy in places, but it captures the colour of the parade from a great vantage point on Dame Street.

adminParade Footage from FUNKTV


Well we had the best vantage point from which to take photographs of this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. So here is a huge gallery of beautiful pictures from this year’s parade. All of the photos were taken by our Dublin based producer.  



Here are some out-takes from our forthcoming FUNK IT! commercial which was  produced and filmed in Dublin last weekend.

adminFUNK IT!

Putin’s Sudetenland Strategy a Prelude to War

Editorial “The settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem, which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace. This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine. Some of you, perhaps, …

adminPutin’s Sudetenland Strategy a Prelude to War

Rio Carnival Out Takes

(Funkshot Reporter) – Rio de Janiero Here are some outtakes from this year’s carnival in Rio.

adminRio Carnival Out Takes
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Be Informed

As readers of Funkshot will know our continuing mission is to inform, to educate and to stimulate. Whether its original photo shoots, great articles and very soon great programmes – we are only just beginning! This week we released our exclusive interview footage of the contenders for Ireland’s Eurosong contest which has proved very popular. There is a fair amount …

adminBe Informed
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Euro Song Exclusive – FunkTV

FUNKTV EXCLUSIVE This year’s Eurovision song contest takes place in Copenhagen on Saturday 10th May. Last November, RTE (Ireland’s State Broadcaster) announced that it had selected five music industry mentors to source an act and a song to compete in the National Song Contest final which will take place on Friday 28th February. The mentors selected were: Hazel Kanneswaren, Cormac Battle, …

adminEuro Song Exclusive – FunkTV
BeInspired copy

Be Inspired!

Welcome to the all new Funkshot! 2014 is shaping up to be a really interesting year for Funkshot Inc. As you can see, we have overhauled our website site in advance of the launch of our latest venture FunkTV. The new site provides us with greater functionality to augment the viewer experience, and to enable us to deliver even better …

adminBe Inspired!

Silicon City

We thought of it first, about five years ago…. Silicon City is the name we gave Dublin when it became clear that it was going to be the hub of the Social Media Revolution in Europe. With companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Ebay having their European headquarters in Dublin it was a no brainer! Not surprisingly, FunkTV …

adminSilicon City


When the French do something well, no one can touch them. This is an awesome video from French Techno artist Gesaffelstein (Mike Lévy) entitled Pusuit. Gesaffelstein is a portmanteau of Gesamtkunstwerk and Albert Einstein. The video was produced by Division (Paris) and directed by Fleur & Manu who won two awards at the recent UK Video Awards (Best Dance Video – International), (Best Visual Effects in a …


The Auditions

As you may have noticed we have been spending a lot of time of recent developing FunkTV. This is a very exciting departure for us. On January 25th, we held the first round of auditions for our new FunkTV presenting teams at Alchemy, Fleet Street, Dublin 2. It was a very busy day meeting with the forty one prospective candidates! …

adminThe Auditions


FunkTV is looking for new and talented presenters who can bring their enthusiasm and drive to our urban lifestyle programmes. In particular we are looking for presenters originally from the following countries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania or Moldova who are resident in the Dublin Metropolitan area. Applicants must be proficient in …

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The Green Submarine

It’s often forgotten that an Irishman invented the submarine. Well for about €1.8 million Euro you can have your own three seater C-explorer submarine. Manufactured in the Netherlands, this is a model similar to the one which Vladimir Putin used last summer to inspect the wreckage of the sunken frigate Oleg in the gulf of Finland. The C-Explorer is capable …

adminThe Green Submarine
Mobile Phones envisaged in 1926


When it comes to gadgets and technological innovation, we like to be ahead of the curve. Last June we tried out Google Glasses in New York  but they turned out to be very disappointing. However 2014 has something very special in store with the release of The Oculus Rift. As you can see from the video below, after many years …


Funk FM

On the 28th December we carried out a simultaneous broadcast from our New York and Dublin studios. This was the second test cast for Funk FM which we are launching in the spring of 2014.

adminFunk FM


We are looking for presenters for FunkTV, and casting will begin early in the New Year. In the meantime, here is another brilliant photograph by Kristina of Lina Balt.


Funk FM Testing 1.2.3.

Well it’s been a busy day in the studio as we worked on our test casts for FunkFM…  

adminFunk FM Testing 1.2.3.


A little history of FunkTV Way back in 1962 Walter Bruch an Engineer at Telefunken in Germany invented PAL ( Phase Alternation Line) colour television system as a solution to the noted problems with NTSC system which evolved in the 1940s. On 3 January 1963 Bruch gave the first public presentation of PAL to a group of experts from the European Broadcasting Union in Hannover. …

Actor Peter O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia-1138942

Peter O’Toole – The Last of The Hell Raisers

He outlived Richard Harris, Oliver Reed and Richard Burton, but sadly today the eight time Oscar nominated Irish actor Peter O’Toole passed away at the age of 81.

adminPeter O’Toole – The Last of The Hell Raisers

Frohe weihnachten von Berlin

Berlin, Berlin, Berlin…. It’s become something of an annual pilgrimage to head for the Christmas markets at Charlottenburg and the shops on Ku’Dam. Here are some shots taken at the Brandenburg Gate.

adminFrohe weihnachten von Berlin
Screenshot 2013-12-06 22.55.57

Senna at Mondello, 1982

They say from acorns come oak trees. Here’s some footage which someone (who knows more about cars than anyone I know) sent me earlier of Ayrton Senna winning the Leinster Trophy at Mondello Park back in 1982. It took me a moment to remember that his full name was Ayrton Senna da Silva – and the commentator refers to him …

adminSenna at Mondello, 1982

The Winter Queen

The Winter Queen by Kristina Sandaraite (c) 2013

adminThe Winter Queen

Motor Shoot

Few photographers can capture motors better than German photographer Frederic Schlosser. Here is a collection of photographs taken by Frederic for Porsche. This particular shoot according to Frederic – was one year in the planning and took eight hours to complete. The results are very impressive, and truly inspiring. Photographs: Frederic Schlosser (c) 2013

adminMotor Shoot

Audi Shark

With Christmas around the corner, we boys love our toys. Here are some photos of the awesome looking Audi Shark which is a a two seater hover-car. It is not a working concept, but the design won creator Kazim Doku first prize from the Italian Domus Academy. I might trade my TT in for this…

adminAudi Shark

Gravity in Decay

Those Lithuanians girls know how to defy gravity! Here’s another brilliant shot from Funktographer Kristina and model Lena.

adminGravity in Decay